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The Creative Place Terms and Conditions

Set out below are the terms and conditions. We recommend that you read them carefully.


Class Policies


  • Participants must abide by all rules and regulations set by the host venue and The Creative Place. 

  • It is important for students to be punctual.

  • Regular attendance to the after school classes is important for students’ artistic development.

  • The Creative Place maintains the right to dismiss any participant who damages property or causes disruptions to classes of a severe nature.

  • You must tell us about anything that affects you or the child/children in your care which will affect their participation, such as health, and any changes to your contact details.

  • Participants can wear what they would like to classes; although older clothes are recommended. Aprons are provided in each class. The Creative Place is not responsible for any damage to the participants’ clothing. 

  • Participants must use our facilities and equipment correctly according to their proper use. If they are unsure of how to operate any item of equipment, please speak to the art teacher. 

  • You are responsible for any damage to the facilities of the Papamoa Sports and Recreation Center and the equipment provided by The Creative Place caused by you or child/children in your care through a deliberate act or failure to act, or negligence.



  • If a participant breaches this Agreement or breaks any rules or acts in a way that we consider to be unreasonable, we may give you notice by warning you that you risk having participation in The Creative Place art lessons cancelled. If the addressed behaviour continues, we may cancel the participant’s participation in The Creative Place art lessons. 

  • We have the right to cancel any lessons/workshops immediately if the participant behave in a way that we consider it inappropriate or carries a serious risk of injury or damage to other members, or the facilities such as: 

a. threatening or harassing other members; 

b. damaging our equipment or facilities

  • If The Creative Place’s art teacher cannot make the classes due to sickness, injury or emergency, make-up classes will be scheduled and you will be notified as soon as possible of the cancellation.


Safety and Security Policies and Procedures


  • Students are under the responsibility of the art teacher during lesson times only. We endeavour to provide a safe environment, but teachers cannot be held responsible for students outside the allocated class time or outside the classroom. 

  • Please ensure that your child is accompanied to the art lesson by a responsible adult and is picked up on time. The art teacher is not responsible for students who arrive early or who are waiting late.


Health, Safety, Injury and Medical Conditions Policies and Procedures


  • The Creative Place is not liable for personal injury sustained or any lost, damaged or forgotten personal property, whilst on the premises, 

  • The Creative Place will aim to provide a safe learning environment to reduce the risk of injury. 

  • The Creative Place promotes safe practice with all art equipment.

  • It is the students’ parents/caregivers responsibility to notify their teacher if the student has any special medical conditions that can affect their behaviour in class.


Lesson Termination 

This agreement will continue unless terminated by you or us. 



After-school art classes

  • Fees are paid in full, for a term at a time.

  • Fees are strictly payable within 7 days of the first class of term. 

  • Failure to pay fees may result in the loss of position in classes/workshops.


Wine and Painting

  •  Fees for the night are paid upfront upon registration


Refund Policies and Procedures

After-school art classes

  • If your child is a first time student, and has attended their first lesson and chooses not to continue, we will provide a full refund.

  • No refunds will be given, unless cancelation is done prior to the term commencing and unless there is a wait list and a replacement enrollment can be secured.

  • IF the term does not go ahead, full refunds will be given.


Wine and Painting

  • Refunds for the wine and painting night will not be given


Make-up Sessions

After School Art Lessons

  • Students may have 1 make-up session per term. These are subject to availability. Due to the nature of the course structure, they must be completed within two weeks of the missed class. 


Wine and Painting

  • At this stage, there are no make-up sessions for wine and painting nights.


Sickness or Personal Circumstances

  • If you miss one or more sessions during the term due to sickness or holidays, you will still need to pay for the sessions, as the space is being held for you. So, you will not be entitled to fee reduction or credit for the missed classes.


Photography during Lessons

  • The Creative Place art teacher is the only one permitted to take photos of participants and lessons.

  • Photos get posted to the Facebook page to encourage students to be proud of their work and achievements. If you are unhappy with your child’s photo being used on the Facebook page, it needs to be communicated in writing to

  • Photos that include students will be checked with parents before being used in advertising.


The Creative Place’s fees include GST

  • Our membership fees include goods and services tax (GST). Any increase in GST will increase your art lesson fees. 

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